Do as I Say – Not as I Do

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.  The Cheshire Cat to Alice in Alice in Wonderland

I haven’t posted for quite some time. Some of my soul searching came up with the following reasons:

• Not having a positive and clear mindset
• Feeling overwhelmed with this Internet thingy
• Fear of success
• No clear plan of where I want to go or how to get there
• Fear of failure
• Retired and just don’t give a damn
• Lost track of the reasons behind this blog and what I am actually doing
• A procrastinator and lazy
• All of the above


What's the Answer

So what did I decide is the answer? The answer is all of the above. It’s much easier to go from one bright shiny object to another. I was “researching” and “learning” most days. After buying the latest and greatest product that would allow me to live the guru lifestyle (not) I was on my way to read emails, to Facebook, and generally just surfing. Rather than setting a goal, like I did in my prior day job, and working toward achieving it, I bought the next bright shiny object I found in my emails.I had left my email address with everyone I had purchased from and some I hadn't. I had purchased everything from a cheap seven dollar WSO (Warrior Special Offer from to $70 dollar monthly forums and expensive software, plugins and widgets. By now I was receiving over 100 emails daily and taking no action.My wife was starting to think I was cray. All of the time spent but nothing to show for it.


I had forgotten that this blog was not my end-all blog. This blog was started to keep myself accountable in my attempt to generate some Internet income, but not necessarily from this blog. As the weeks and months progressed I found that I was overwhelmed and thus was not able to accomplish anything except to buy a bright shiny object or hang out at a new forum I had joined.

Flitting from one thing to another

I was flitting from one thing to another without getting anything completed. Worse, I had to go back and review what I had learned because of my flitting from one thing to another. I would consume half of a new product or sometimes not open the new product up at all. After several weeks I would go to my PayPal account to see what I had purchased because I hadn’t downloaded the paid product. I even procrastinated writing this post for over six months.


Overwhelm not only causes you to work at your lowest level of effectiveness and not get things done but also effects your self-esteem. You end up in a downward spiral of self-criticism and failure.

Overcoming Overwhelm

So how do I overcome this overwhelm?
I will:
• Define and focus on my goals
• Slow down and only do one task at a time-to completion
• Don’t beat myself up if I find myself struggling with negative thoughts or feelings
• Get back to the present moment after deciding on what is most important
• Work on these goals one at a time until completed
• Focus on the solution not the problem
• Breakdown tasks and complete one at a time
• Focus on what I’ve achieved, not on what I’ve left undone
• Get organized and develop a system that supports my goal achievement


I have also developed a list of principles to live by. I will for the next year live by these principles and evaluate where I am in six months and then one year. The principles I will follow are:

• Be Skip (me)
• Let it go
• Act the way I want to feel
• Do it now
• Be polite and be fair
• Enjoy the process
• Eliminate bad feelings
• Identify the problem but work on the solution
• Lighten up…. for today could be my last
• Do what ought to be done
• Manage what you measure

Remember, that the best way to make myself happy is to make other people happy, and the best way to make other people happy is to be happy myself.